Examinations Update


Due to the Minister’s announcement on Monday 17 August, some material in this section will change. We will work to update as soon as possible.

Deloitte review of CCEA's alternative awarding arrangements in 2020

Published: 21/01/2021, 1:25pm

The Department of Education has today published an independent report on the review of the alternative awarding of CCEA’s 2020 summer GCSE, AS and A level examinations. The review, which was carried out by Deloitte over a six-week period in the autumn, analysed CCEA’s awarding methodology including design, implementation, management and communication of the arrangements.

CCEA Launches Consultation on Proposed Changes to GCSE and GCE Qualifications for Summer 2021

Published: 24/08/2020, 5:00pm

CCEA has today launched a public consultation on the proposed changes to CCEA GCSE, AS and A level qualifications due to be assessed in Summer 2021. The proposals are in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the loss of direct teaching contact time for GCSE and GCE students.

CCEA releases Provisional AS and A level results 2020 following Minister's announcement

Published: 21/08/2020, 11:25am

As announced earlier this week, by the Education Minister, AS and A level students were to be awarded the higher of the centre assessment grades submitted by their school or college or the grade calculated by CCEA. Today over 24,000 students across Northern Ireland received their revised AS and A level results.

Grounds for appeal to CCEA

Published: 20/08/2020, 4:30pm

Today CCEA, has published the grounds for appeal for AS level, A level, and GCSEs, following the announcement by the Education Minister earlier this week.

CCEA releases GCSE Results 2020

Published: 20/08/2020, 9:30am

Today over 29,000 students across Northern Ireland received their GCSE results. As announced earlier this week, by the Education Minister, these results are based on the estimates provided by schools and colleges.

CCEA statement on the release of revised A level and AS level results

Published: 19/08/2020, 4:30pm

On Monday 17 August, Education Minister, Peter Weir MLA, instructed CCEA to ensure that all A level students and AS level students will be awarded either the higher of the grade submitted by their centre or the grade calculated by CCEA.

Statement by CCEA in relation to Summer 2020 awarding for A / AS levels

Published: 17/08/2020, 6:45pm

The Minister of Education, Peter Weir MLA, has decided that AS and A Level qualifications will now be awarded the higher of either the grades submitted by their school or college or the statistically standardised outcome awarded by CCEA on 13 August 2020. This is in line with the position in England and Wales.

CCEA statement on Centre Assessment Grades to be awarded at GCSE

Published: 17/08/2020, 7:30am

CCEA welcomes the Education Minister’s decision following advice given regarding summer 2020 GCSE awards. These will now be based solely on the centre assessment grades provided by schools and colleges.

CCEA Chief Executive Comments on the release of Northern Ireland's GCE Grades

Published: 13/08/2020, 9:30am

Commenting on this summer’s GCE grades, Justin Edwards, Chief Executive of the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA), said:

CCEA update on evidence that can be used in this year’s alternative appeals process

Published: 11/08/2020, 10:00pm

Following the cancellation of the summer 2020 examinations due to COVID-19, we put in place a process to award GCSE, A and AS level grades based on a combination of teacher professional judgement and statistical modelling, as directed by the Minister of Education. A key element of the process is to ensure that qualifications standards are maintained this year. There has been no change in this direction or our approach.

CCEA announces free appeals process for students

Published: 10/08/2020, 4:15pm

CCEA has confirmed today that any pupil wishing to appeal summer 2020 GCSE, AS or A Level examination results will be able to do so free of charge.

CCEA Publishes Information on the Standardisation Process for Summer 2020 Qualifications Grades

Published: 07/08/2020, 4:00pm

Today, CCEA has published information on this year’s standardisation process. The short animation video, available online at, provides an overview of the process and the steps that have been taken to produce grades in these exceptional circumstances.

CCEA Helpline goes live in advance of A level & GCSE Results

Published: 05/08/2020, 4:00pm

The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) has set up a dedicated results helpline which offers advice and guidance for students who are expecting their A-Level and GCSE results over the next fortnight.

Extraordinary Regulatory Framework for General Qualifications

Published: 28/07/2020, 2:00pm

Today CCEA Regulation published its Extraordinary Regulatory Framework for General Qualifications: Conditions and Requirements.

Issue of Results – Essential Skills Qualifications (ESQs) summer 2020

Published: 15/07/2020, 11:00am

CCEA Regulation has been working with awarding organisations on arrangements for the issue of results for ESQs for NI learners this summer.