Special Consideration

I was ill during an assessment, will my centre have applied special consideration for me?

The process of centres submitting special consideration applications to awarding organisations will not apply this summer.

However, if your performance in an internal assessment used as evidence to generate your centre determined grade was affected by illness, injury or other indisposition, your centre should have taken this into account.

Will a student who has been diagnosed with mental health issues be eligible to apply for special consideration?

Yes. Special consideration arrangements continue to apply, so if you have been diagnosed with a particular condition and it has affected performance in an assessment, you are eligible to apply. This process will be managed through your school so if you have any questions please speak to your teacher.

Does special consideration apply this year?

Special consideration in the usual manner will not apply this summer as public examinations have been cancelled. However, where illness or other personal circumstances as set out in the JCQ ‘A guide to the special consideration process’ might have affected your performance in an assessment used to determine your grade, centres should bear this in mind when making their judgements.