Interpreting Your Results

2.2 What grades are available in each qualification?

On your Provisional Statement of Results you will see a number of grades, letters, numbers and symbols. The following table shows the grades available for each qualification.


A*, A, B, C*, C, D, E, F, G

Vocational Qualifications

Level 2, Level 1


Level 3

Occupational Studies

Level 2

Level 1



2.3 What does Q, U or X Grade mean?


means query. There may be circumstances when your results are incomplete because of a query over some or all of your results. If this is the case, a Q will be reported on your provisional statement of Results until the query is investigated and resolved. Once a query is resolved, you will be issued with an updated result.


means incomplete results. This could be because requirements of the specification have not been met or, the candidate was absent for all components/units. Please contact your centre for more details. An X in CoPE means that you were absent.


means unclassified. This means you have not reached the minimum standard required to achieve a grade in the qualification or have zero marks or were absent. This result will not be recorded on your certificate.

2.4 My name has been mis-spelt on my Provisional Statement of Results. Can I get this changed?

Yes. Please ask the Examinations Officer at your centre to contact our Entries section to make this change. It is essential that your Examinations Officer contacts us as soon as possible before the certificates are issued.