Space Science Technology

Subject Code: N/A

For the first time, the subject of Space Science Technology is available for learners to study as a qualification. Space Science Technology is a fascinating and innovative course which explores how space science technologies are impacting our daily lives while enabling us to explore beyond planet earth. Learners can study the night sky, considering why distant light is so appealing to mankind. They can explore the history of space exploration, and enter the new dimension of the ‘space race’, where commercial companies compete to offer their services and products in space science technologies. It will encourage learners to:

  • develop skills in using scientific methods of enquiry;
  • develop skills in using geospatial data;
  • develop STEM skills to use in space science technology;
  • gain an understanding of the role played by space science technologies in industry;
  • gain an understanding of how space science technologies contribute to the economy;
  • study the exploration of the Cosmos;
  • gain an understanding of how space science technologies affect everyday life; and
  • apply their skills and understanding to citizen space science technology projects.

This specification is for first teaching from September 2013.

Listen to what key players from Northern Ireland's local industry have to say about our new Space Science Technology qualification and watch our teachers in action.

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