Science Double Award

Subject Code: 1370

CCEA qualifications in science are available at Entry Level and GCSE (Single Award and Double Award). We also offer a GCE in Life and Health Sciences.

For qualifications in the individual sciences, see our Biology, Chemistry and Physics pages.

Studying science stimulates and excites students’ curiosity and their interest in the world around them. Through their work in science, students begin to understand major scientific ideas and appreciate how these develop and contribute to technological change.

Science offers students the opportunity to take part in a range of practical activities that allow them to link scientific theory to actual experience.

Through carrying out enquiry-based investigations, students develop key skills and are encouraged to think critically and creatively. They learn how the results of experimental evidence and models are used to explain phenomena and events.

Students take part in questioning and discussion about science-based issues that affect their lives, the society in which they live and the world as a whole. Through this independent enquiry, they become more confident in expressing their views and evaluating decisions about scientific matters.

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