Regulation News

CCEA Regulation Publishes Decisions on Appeals Process for Summer 2020 Awarding of GCSE, AS and A Level qualifications

Published: 23/06/2020, 5:15pm

CCEA Regulation has today, Tuesday 23 June 2020, published its key decisions regarding the principles upon which an alternative appeals process for the Summer 2020 GCSE, AS and A Level qualifications should be developed by CCEA awarding organisation (AO). Decisions taken were informed by the outcomes and analysis of a recent two week public consultation on the issue.

Centre Assessed Grades submission for Vocational and Technical Qualifications (VTQs) to Awarding Organisations

Published: 28/05/2020, 11:30am

CCEA Regulation have today, posted the key dates for centres to submit centre assessed grades for VTQs to awarding organisations. Full information is available in the document below.

Ofqual App - Qualification Explainer Tool

Published: 26/05/2020, 3:00pm

CCEA Regulation continues to work with Ofqual on the extraordinary awarding arrangements for general and vocational qualifications for summer 2020.

Ofqual extraordinary regulatory framework: VTQ, Covid-19 Conditions and Requirements

Published: 26/05/2020, 9:00am

CCEA Regulation has been working alongside Ofqual to develop the regulatory framework for all vocational and technical qualifications in scope for extraordinary awarding arrangements in summer 2020.

CCEA Regulation consultation on appeals process for Summer 2020

Published: 22/05/2020, 1:25pm

During the last fortnight, CCEA Regulation has been seeking feedback from a range of respondents for the consultation on the appeals process for summer 2020 awarding of GCSE, AS and A level qualifications.