How CCEA Occupational Studies will be awarded in summer 2020

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Published: 01/05/2020, 3:30pm
Summer 2020 Examinations
Summer 2020 Examinations

CCEA Regulation, today, has published guidance for schools and colleges on how Occupational Studies will be awarded following the cancellation of this year’s exams. CCEA has received instruction from the Minister of Education about how to proceed in regards to Occupational Studies qualifications.

To award CCEA Summer 2020 Occupational Studies Level 1 and 2, CCEA will use school/ college assessment grades and statistical information. Clear and detailed guidance will be issued to all schools and colleges to ensure that the process is as straightforward as possible.

For those students who have applied for an overall qualification this summer in Occupational Studies, and have completed or entered both Occupational Studies units, an outcome will be issued in summer 2020.  They will also have the option, if dissatisfied with the grade provided, to enter for a later examination series.  If a student chooses this option, the higher grade from either the 2020 grade or later series will stand.

Students who are entered for units, but not a full cash-in qualification in Summer 2020 will not be awarded a grade. However, in 2021, students will have two options for their Occupational Studies award.

  • Option 1: a student can choose to sit only the unit they planned to take in 2021, with the overall grade calculated using statistical predictions based on their 2021 performance; or
  • Option 2: a student can choose to sit both units in 2021, however, the unit entered in 2020 will still have a statistical score calculated, with the higher mark counting towards the 2021 grade.

The aim of this awarding approach is to ensure that students are given grades that best reflect what they would have achieved had examinations gone ahead. If a student feels that the grade awarded does not fully reflect this, we are exploring arrangements to allow for an appeal, which we hope to publish later this year.

Further information and guidance will be issued to schools and colleges, and also via this website.

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