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Closure of the Vocational Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF)

CCEA Regulation News
Published: 19/01/2024, 10:30am

During the COVID-19 pandemic CCEA Regulation aligned with Ofqual and Qualifications Wales to put in place an extraordinary regulation framework - The Vocational Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF). Yesterday, Ofqual published a notice to all Awarding Organisations confirming that the VCRF will be disapplied in respect of all VTQs from 18 January 2024.

Education Chief Executives issue joint letter to Northern Ireland Secretary of State

Published: 07/12/2023, 8:55am

Chief Executives of the seven main education bodies in Northern Ireland have issued a joint letter to the Northern Ireland Secretary of State.

Communications re timely VTQ results delivery in 2024 and beyond

CCEA Regulation News
Published: 13/10/2023, 1:00pm

Ofqual yesterday published measures to ensure students taking vocational qualifications get their results on time in 2024 and beyond, following the successful implementation of the VTQ Results Action Plan for 2023.

CCEA confirms the approach to awarding qualifications for 2023/24 academic year

CCEA Regulation News
Published: 09/10/2023, 10:45am

On 18 October 2022, CCEA Regulation published its approach to awarding grades in Summer 2023 and 2024.

Vocational and technical qualifications grading in 2023

CCEA Regulation News
Published: 11/07/2023, 11:45am

On Monday 10 July Ofqual published a blog on vocational and technical qualifications (VTQ) grading in 2023. CCEA Regulation and Qualifications Wales have aligned to this approach to VTQ grading in 2023.