Make a Complaint or Appeal to CCEA Regulation

Make a complaint to CCEA Regulation

If your complaint is about CCEA Regulation please write to the CCEA Complaints Manager using the details set out on our complaints page.

Make an appeal to CCEA Regulation

If a centre believes its results for GCSE, AS or A Level examinations are incorrect an appeal/enquiry can be made to the relevant Awarding Organisation (AO). Following the completion of an appeal process with an AO, if a centre is unhappy with the result of an appeal it can ask CCEA Regulation to review the case through the EPRS.

Examination Procedures Review Service (EPRS)

In our review, CCEA Regulation will investigate whether or not the AO has adhered to our General Conditions or Recognition and its own procedures. If we find that either has not been followed, we will explore whether or not the centre’s result is appropriate.

How to make an EPRS appeal/enquiry

This service is only available to centres and private candidates (such as home-schooled students). Applicants must have first completed the AO’s appeals process. An application to CCEA Regulation must be made within 25 working days of receiving your draft report from the AO.

Applications should be made formally in writing to the Head of Regulation at CCEA at the address listed below.

We will respond to applications in 10 working days. If we decide to hold a hearing, we will let you know the appeal hearing date and how to prepare for it. If we don’t think there should be a hearing we will tell you why and let you respond before we make a final decision.

For more information about EPRS please contact us via [email protected].

Exam Procedure Review Service (EPRS)

FAO Head of Regulation at CCEA
CCEA 29 Clarendon Road
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