Examination Procedures Review Service (EPRS)

CCEA Regulation has put in place exceptional arrangements for the Examination Procedures Review Service (EPRS), for the summer 2021 results.

The EPRS is open to candidates in Northern Ireland (NI) taking the following qualifications with CCEA Awarding Organisation and WJEC.

Awarding Organisation Qualification
  • GCE AS and A levels
  • GCSE
  • Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE)
  • Occupational Studies
  • Vocationally related qualifications
  • Entry Level
  • GCE AS and A levels

Candidates in NI taking WJEC Eduqas qualifications in summer 2021 must apply for the EPRS through Ofqual.

Applications to the EPRS

Applications cannot be made to EPRS before the outcome of an appeal has been formally reported by the awarding organisation (AO) to the candidate.

Applications can only be made to EPRS on the basis that the candidate believes the AO did not follow its own appeal procedure. Applications cannot be made on the basis of the AO’s academic decision on the appropriateness of the grade awarded.

The EPRS Terms of Reference has been updated for summer 2021 and can be found here.

The EPRS will consider applications and determine whether, in relation to the application, CCEA Awarding Organisation/WJEC has followed its own procedures in the management of the candidate’s appeal.

The EPRS process will consider cases that meet the EPRS criteria and examine the submitted evidence from the AO and centre, and reach a decision. Applications will be considered by members of the EPRS Regulation Review Panel. The application will be upheld or dismissed. Both the AO and centre will be informed of the decision.

CCEA Regulation will endeavour to complete the EPRS process within 6 weeks. If we need further time, we will contact the centre to explain the reasons for this.

How to apply for an EPRS

EPRS applications will only be accepted by CCEA Regulation from a centre on behalf of a candidate.

EPRS Applications for CCEA Qualifications – Summer 2021

Centres will submit an EPRS application for a candidate taking a CCEA qualification through the EPRS online App accessed via the CCEA Central Login. Applications concerning CCEA AO will only be accepted through the EPRS App.

EPRS Applications for WJEC Qualifications – Summer 2021

Centres will submit an EPRS application for a candidate taking a WJEC qualification through the PDF application form and submit by email to [email protected].

General Enquiries

General enquiries about EPRS in summer 2021 should be emailed to [email protected].

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