Projects for Government

CCEA Regulation has a responsibility to provide advice to government on a range of matters relating to qualifications. This work is completed, depending on its scope and nature, either by CCEA Regulation independently or in conjunction with other regulators across the four countries.

SEN Project

Qualifications for 14–19 year olds with Special Educational Needs

In 2014 CCEA Accreditation completed a 2 year project for the Department of Education (DE) which assessed the suitability of regulated qualifications in supporting learners aged 14-19 in Special Schools and Learning Support Centres. This project supported teachers in designing suitable learning programmes containing relevant regulated qualifications. As a result DE published Entitlement Framework Guidance for Special Schools and Learning Support Centres on the content of learning programmes and a qualifications guide giving detail on suitable qualifications have been developed.

Qualifications Guide for Special Schools and Learning Support Centres is a resource for teachers to help them to select appropriate accredited qualifications at Entry Level and Level 1. Qualifications that include literacy, numeracy, learning for life and work and vocational subjects are outlined in the guide across a number of Awarding Organisations.

Teachers should check with individual Awarding Organisations to ensure the information is current and accurate.