About CCEA Regulation

The Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) has responsibility for the regulation of qualifications taken by learners in Northern Ireland (NI), as set out in the Education (Northern Ireland) Order 1998:

  • ‘CCEA shall develop and publish criteria for the accreditation of relevant external qualifications, and accredit, where such criteria are met, any qualifications submitted for accreditation.’
  • ‘CCEA shall keep under review all aspects of relevant external qualifications, and publish and disseminate information relating to relevant external qualifications.’ 

CCEA Regulation works independently of the Awarding Organisation side of CCEA and is responsible for the quality assurance of qualifications offered in NI.

Additionally CCEA is required to ensure that the standards of general and skills examinations available in NI are equivalent and comparable to examinations conducted by bodies or authorities exercising similar functions elsewhere in the UK.

What does CCEA Regulation do?

Advice and Guidance

CCEA Regulation provides advice, support and guidance to the Department of Education (DE) and, in relation to professional and technical qualifications, to the Department for the Economy (DfE). We act as the first point of contact for all regulatory matters in schools.