CCEA Regulation

CCEA Regulation works independently of the Awarding Organisation side of CCEA and is responsible for the quality assurance of qualifications offered in Northern Ireland (NI).

- Compliance with regulatory requirement
- A guide to changes in GCSE grading

Joint statement from AoC, AELP, HOLEX, FAB, JCQ and Ofqual on VTQs

On 22nd September Ofqual published a joint statement from AoC, AELP, Holex, FAB and JCQ on VTQs, including that AOs will start to communicate adaptations to assessment for VTQs during 2020-21 by 23rd October. Please see the statement here.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the Minister’s announcement on Monday 17 August, some material in this section will change. We will work to update as soon as possible.

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