Pre-School Transition Reports

From this page you can either download and print Pre-School Transition Reports for your pre-school or complete an order form (see below) to request hard copies from CCEA. Please note that we now only send out hard copies on request. There are two reports to choose from.

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Guidance on Completing the Pre-School Transition Report

To ensure a smooth transition to Year 1, it is essential that the Pre-School Transition Report provides information that is accurate, comprehensive, and based on the most recent observations of the child. Every child is unique, and the report should reflect this. It is important that any achievements noted are evidence-based and not predictions.

As well as information on the six Areas of Learning, the Transition Report should include information about what the child enjoys, personality traits and characteristics of effective learning, together with any additional/medical needs or other specific circumstances that the new setting may need to know about.

Consider these key questions:

  • What play choices does the child make?
  • What is the child really interested in?
  • How does the child enjoy learning?
  • What can the child do now?
  • What could be worked on next?
  • Does the child have specific individual needs?
  • What do parents/carers tell you about the child?
  • Would the child benefit from additional transition activities?

For example, think about a child who may have found routines and boundaries more challenging, and where a little more support may be needed in the new setting to be part of a group time or circle time. Be clear in the Transition Report about the child’s challenges, and mention strategies used by the practitioner which have helped to overcome these (such as providing positive reinforcement).

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