Level 3 Understanding Business Enterprise (2012)

Summer 2021: Following the cancellation of examinations, the Occupational Studies, Vocational and Entry Level qualifications Summer 2021 Alternative Arrangements - Process for Heads of Centre provides information on alternative awarding arrangements for Summer 2021.

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Please note that the last opportunity for assessment for this qualification is Summer 2021; after that, the qualification will be withdrawn. In 2020 and 2021 the assessment is available in Summer only.

CCEA Awards in Understanding Business Enterprise are available at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Understanding Business Enterprise introduces learners to the most important aspects of starting and running an enterprise. It also helps them to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they would need if they decided to do so.

Assessment is portfolio based; there is no examination or test.

Learners produce evidence that shows how they meet the assessment criteria. Centre assessors or course tutors assess the portfolios, and we carry out external moderation.

There are three mandatory units:

  • Unit 1: Understand How to Find Out about Business
  • Unit 2: Understand How to Promote Business Ideas
  • Unit 3: Understand How to Prepare for Starting a Business.

Learners must also take any two of the following Level 2 units:

  • Unit 1: Understand How to Market a Business
  • Unit 2: Understand Business Planning
  • Unit 3: Understand Business Resource and Legal Issues
  • Unit 4: Understand How to Manage Money in a Business.

Skills developed through Understanding Business Enterprise

A qualification in Understanding Business Enterprise can build learners' confidence and motivation to establish their own small business enterprises, making a positive contribution to the Northern Ireland economy. It provides opportunities for learners to be creative, imaginative, innovative, flexible, adaptable and self-confident – employability skills that are relevant not only in the context of Understanding Business Enterprise but also in general life and work.

Learners who complete the course successfully will be well placed to progress to programmes that help them establish their own business. They may also choose to take more specific courses in finance, marketing, personnel, operations management and/or strategic planning.

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