GCE Nutrition and Food Science (2016)

The CCEA GCE Nutrition and Food Science specification focuses on good nutrition as an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy food can help to reduce the risk of chronic illness and promote overall health.

This specification is available at two levels: AS and A2. Students can take the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification. They can also choose to take the AS course as a stand-alone qualification.

In the AS units, students learn about macronutrients and micronutrients, and study nutritional requirements and current dietary recommendations for each life stage. In Unit AS 2, students investigate current research on diet, lifestyle and health.

Students who continue to A2 may choose to examine consumer behaviour when making food purchasing decisions and consider the issues and implications of consumer food choice (Food Security and Sustainability). Alternatively, they might explore securing a safe food supply from the primary producer to the consumer (Food Safety and Quality).

The specification has four units:

  • Unit AS 1: Principles of Nutrition
  • Unit AS 2: Diet, Lifestyle and Health
  • Unit A2 1:
    • Option A - Food Security and Sustainability; or
    • Option B - Food Safety and Quality
  • Unit A2 2: Research Project.

Current Specification

First teaching: from September 2016
First award of AS level: from Summer 2017
First award of A level: from Summer 2018
QAN AS level: 601/8370/6
QAN A level: 601/8371/8
Subject code: 3310
Guided learning hours AS level: 180
Guided learning hours A level: 360
Qualification level: 3

Skills developed through our GCE Nutrition and Food Science

This specification builds on learning from Key Stage 4 and gives students opportunities to continue to develop the Cross-Curricular Skills and the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

The specification helps students to develop skills such as higher-order critical thinking skills (problem-solving and decision-making), and personal capabilities such as self-management and working with others.

There are many career opportunities in this field of work as scientific knowledge and research develop. This subject can open up a range of possibilities in the world of work, both at home and worldwide.

For more information on this specification contact:

Dorothee Wagner
Subject Officer
(028) 9026 1426
Louise Millar
Specification Support Officer
(028) 9026 1410

Work with us

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