GCE Life and Health Sciences - new Teacher eGuide

Published: 05/09/2022, 2:00pm

A new eGuide for Unit A2 1 of CCEA's GCE Life and Health Sciences qualification is now available to provide additional guidance and support when delivering this core unit.  You can access the eGuide below:

Featuring a range of suggested activities, discussion points and online resources to assist classroom teaching, you may find some aspects of this eGuide beneficial when teaching other AS/A2 Life and Health Sciences coursework units.

GCE Life and Health Sciences – Proposed Amendments 2022

Published: 25/05/2021, 9:25am

Following feedback from stakeholders, CCEA is proposing to make amendments to the GCE Life and Health Sciences specification for first teaching from September 2022. CCEA are now seeking views on these proposed amendments from everyone with an interest in GCE Life and Health Sciences.

A short online questionnaire, along with access to the following documents is available by clicking the link below:

  • Summary of proposed amendments;
  • Proposed new Specification for GCE Life and Health Sciences;

This questionnaire is available until the 18th June 2021.

New GCE Life and Health Sciences Resources

Published: 02/09/2020, 9:00am

The following resources have been developed in response to teacher feedback:

  • Teacher Guidance Booklet: Definitions and Clarification of Terms for Examination Units
    The list of definitions and clarifications provided are an indication of what might be required or useful for an examination.
  • Pro-Formas for the General and Practical Investigations
    These are designed to assist candidates when conducting their investigations. 

These resources are now available in the Support section of the GCE Life and Health Sciences area of our website.

If you have any questions about the GCE Life and Health Sciences qualification or resources, please contact the Education Manager, Paul Wright [email protected]

GCE Life and Health Sciences - We Want YOUR Views

Published: 23/01/2020, 12:00pm

The first full award of GCE Life and Health Sciences was in Summer 2018 and to date nearly 800 candidates have been awarded this qualification.  As there have been a number of awarding cycles, it was deemed appropriate that this subject be consulted upon to ensure that it continues to reflect the needs of learners and the society, economy and environment in which they live and work.

We would like to invite principals and teachers with an interest in the future of this subject to have their say on the specification and complete this online questionnaire. A copy of the current specification is available here to assist completion of the questionnaire. 

We will also be holding subject specific focus groups in February / March 2020 - you can register your interest in taking part within the questionnaire. 

The questionnaire should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and we would be grateful if you could complete it by 7th February 2020