GCE History (2019)

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The CCEA GCE History specification develops advanced understanding of how the world became what it is today. It equips students with transferable and written skills, including critical thinking, analysis and debate.

Historians appreciate events and their consequences, helping us understand the past and the present.

This specification is available at two levels: AS and A2. Students can take the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification. They can also choose to take the AS course as a stand-alone qualification.

In the AS units, students select one option from a choice of five, ranging from 1509 to 1945, and one from a choice of six, ranging from 1556–1943.

Students continuing to A2 study one option from a choice of five, ranging from 1625–2000, and another from a choice of four, ranging from 1558 to 1925.

The specification has four units:

  • Unit AS 1: Historical Investigations and Interpretations
  • Unit AS 2: Historical Conflict and Change
  • Unit A2 1: Change Over Time
  • Unit A2 2: Historical Investigations and Interpretations.

Current Specification

First teaching: from September 2019
First award of AS level: from Summer 2019
First award of A level: from Summer 2020
QAN AS level: 601/8551/X
QAN A level: 601/8552/1
Subject code: 4010
Guided learning hours AS level: 180
Guided learning hours A level: 360
Qualification level: 3

Skills developed through our GCE History

This specification builds on learning from Key Stage 4 and gives students opportunities to continue to develop the Cross-Curricular Skills and the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

GCE History develops critical thinking skills that enable students to evaluate evidence and appreciate different interpretations of the past. It improves understanding of the reasons for significant historical events and provides insight into current affairs. Students develop transferable skills that employers value. They develop skills and increase their self-confidence through researching, questioning evidence, arguing a case, reaching balanced conclusions based on the evidence available and writing clearly and coherently. History can lead to careers in the media, politics, teaching, business, finance or the civil service.

For more information on this specification contact:

Helen Parks
Subject Officer
(028) 9433 1409
Arlene Ashfield
Specification Support Officer
(028) 9590 6678

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