GCE Environmental Technology (2016)

The CCEA GCE Environmental Technology specification highlights the need to manage our planet’s resources more effectively. Students explore how our society will move towards to a more sustainable way of living.

This specification is available at two levels: AS and A2. Students can take the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification. They can also choose to take the AS course as a stand-alone qualification.

In the AS units, students explore in detail the use of wind, solar and biomass technologies to generate power. They also produce a technical report based on a scenario by investigating the installation and use of renewable energy sources.

Students who continue to A2 investigate the theory and practice behind enhancing the environmental performance of buildings. They also produce a technical report based on the nine elements of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The specification has four units:

  • Unit AS 1: The Earth’s Capacity to Support Human Activity
  • Unit AS 2: Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Unit A2 1: Building and Managing a Sustainable Future
  • Unit A2 2: Environmental Building Performance and Measurement.

Current Specification

First teaching: from September 2016
First award of AS level: from Summer 2017
First award of A level: from Summer 2018
QAN AS level: 601/8915/0
QAN A level: 601/8916/2
Subject code: 3930
Guided learning hours AS level: 180
Guided learning hours A level: 360
Qualification level: 3

Skills developed through our GCE Environmental Technology

This specification builds on learning from Key Stage 4 and gives students opportunities to continue to develop the Cross-Curricular Skills and the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities. It encourages students to apply their skills to relevant work-related scenarios and to develop advanced skills in preparation for third level education and the world of work. These include planning and independent study skills.

Students also have opportunities to continue to develop skills in:

  • application of number;
  • communication;
  • improving their own learning and performance;
  • information and communication technology;
  • problem solving;
  • decision making; and
  • working with others.

For more information on this specification contact:

Judith Ryan
Subject Officer
(028) 9590 6550
Nuala Tierney
Specification Support Officer
(028) 9590 6689