Following the Minister of Education’s announcement, on 6 January 2021, that all GCSE, AS and A2 exams due to take place in January, February, May and June will be cancelled, we are working to update our subject areas as soon as possible. In the meantime, should you have any queries, please email CCEA Helpline [email protected].

Please note: a Specification Addendum is in place for the 2020/2021 academic year for those candidates completing their course in Summer 2021. View Specification Addendum.


Internal Assessment

Units AS 3 and A2 3 are partly assessed by internal assessment. For each unit, students carry out practical tasks during the course of their studies. Students provide some form of evidence for each practical task. The teacher assesses the quality of this evidence and determines how well the student carried out the practical task.

Unit AS 3 has eleven practical tasks. Students carry out and report on at least seven of these. The teacher assesses the student’s performance for each task on a scale of 0–3. Students can achieve a maximum of 21 marks for this internally assessed component.

Unit A2 3 has eight practical tasks. Students carry out and report on at least five of these. Students can achieve a maximum of 15 marks for the internally assessed component of this unit.

For Units AS 3 and A2 3, if a student carries out more than the minimum number of practical tasks required, centres should submit the marks for the tasks in which the student scored highest.