Physical Education

Subject Code: 7210

CCEA qualifications in Physical Education are available at Entry Level and GCSE. We also offer a GCE in Sports Science and the Active Leisure Industry.

Physical Education and Sports Science at Key Stage 4 and beyond should appeal to students who are passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and interested in the active leisure industry and its opportunities for employment.

Improving our understanding of health and fitness is beneficial, whether we are elite sports performers or simply want to live long, healthy lives. Issues of obesity and diseases related to a less active lifestyle have increased the demand for active leisure.

This subject area incorporates human anatomy and physiology, healthy lifestyles, social and mental health, principles of training, fitness testing, skills acquisition and development, motivation, event management and the active leisure industry.

The sports and recreation sector offers many opportunities for employment. These qualifications develop the skills of team working, communication and management.

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