CCEA’s Senior Examiner Training Programme Scores Highly

Published: 20/05/2022, 1:25pm
Senior Examiner Training Programme

More than 550 delegates attended The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment’s (CCEA) Senior Examiner Training in preparation for a return to full public examinations in Summer 2022.

The training programme, which ran from December 2021 through March 2022 comprised of four modules designed to refresh recurring Senior Examiners’ knowledge and advise new examiners of key operational processes for the Summer 2022 exam series. The modules included:

  • Assessment Development and Question Paper Design
  • Standardising Training
  • Moderation Training
  • Awarding Training

Each module was supported by an introductory guide to the programme and access to a bespoke and secure area of the CCEA website with all necessary training materials.

Michael Crossan, CCEA’s Business Manager for Examination and Assessment Administration, commented: “I am delighted that our Senior Examiner Training Programme for Summer 2022 examinations was so well attended and received by our examiners - both those returning to examination conditions and those entirely new to the process. Feedback has been very positive, and our Senior Examiners have told us that they feel confident going into this year’s examination series.”

Post-training evaluation surveys were conducted following each module. Positive comments from those participating in the training sessions included:

“As a new examiner I found the training very beneficial. Having the resources to read prior to the training was the most helpful aspect as I was able to review the information, connect it to my subject through past papers before taking part in the Teams Training. Having reviewed the material before, made the training less daunting and consolidated what I had read before.”

“The online training was worthwhile to refresh the procedures required for completing the work necessary for the year ahead. It was very much appreciated as well as the time taken to organise and prepare the presentations.”

“Comprehensive and comprehensible to a disparate audience of new and more experienced examiners.”

“The training was timely, well-conceived and constructed.”

“Left us proud to be associated with a body that values, supports and equips its key associates.”

Margaret added: “On behalf of everyone at CCEA, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our examiners for all the hard work they do to ensure that our students get their grades on Results Days enabling them to proceed to the next stage of education or career pathway.”

For more information on CCEA’s Senior Examiner Training programme please contact Jayne FitzGerald on [email protected]

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