CCEA’s first Senior Examiner Training Module for 2022 welcomed

Published: 25/01/2022, 11:30am
CCEA’s first Senior Examiner Training Module for 2022 welcomed

Some 420 delegates took part in the first online session of The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment’s (CCEA) Senior Examining Training Programme for Summer 2022.

The training programme for Summer 2022 examiners comprises of four modules. The first online session, held in December, covered Module 1: Assessment Development and Question Paper Design.

The event served to refresh recurring senior examiners’ knowledge and advise people new to the role of the key operational processes for the Summer 2022 exam series.

Below are some comments from participants who found the session useful:

"As a new examiner I found the training very beneficial. Having the resources to read prior to the training was the most helpful aspect as I was able to review the information, connect it to my subject through past papers before taking part in the Teams’ Training. Having reviewed the material before made the training less daunting and consolidated what I had read before."

"The online training was worthwhile to refresh the procedures required for completing the work necessary for the year ahead. It was very much appreciated as well as the time taken to organise and prepare the presentations.” --- “The training was a reminder of roles on the senior team and what each role involves. It was useful to remind everyone of their role and most likely beneficial to those new to a role."

"Module 1 training was very helpful in reinforcing and refreshing my knowledge of question paper design and CCEA's operational procedures. The information provided on the assessment arrangements for Summer 2022 was also very useful."

"I found the advance training materials very helpful, especially the revised version of 'A Guide to Question Paper Production' which contained a lot of important advice on the importance of using clear and unambiguous language in question papers and setting questions which differentiate effectively between candidates."

The second online training session takes place on Tuesday 25 (and Thursday 27 January) 2022 and will cover Module 2: Standardising.

For more information contact on the Senior Examining Training Programme, contact Jayne FitzGerald, [email protected] Temporary Programme Manager, CCEA.

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