Summer 2022 Assessment Arrangements for CCEA Qualifications

Published: 10/02/2022, 5:45pm
CCEA Student Guide Summer 2022 News

We continue to be mindful of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption this has caused to teaching and learning.

This year a number of measures designed to support students impacted by the pandemic have been introduced:

  1. Optional unit omissions, announced in May 2021, offers students the option to reduce the number of exams and assessments that they have to sit in Summer 2022 for the majority of GCSE, AS and A level qualifications. This means that students can either choose to reduce the number of exams/assessments or take all the assessments. Similar arrangements are also in place for CCEA’s Entry Level, Occupational Studies and Vocational Qualifications.
  2. Assessment adaptations, also introduced in May 2021, have reduced the coursework/controlled assessment requirements for a number of subjects.
  3. GCSE Mathematics exam aid, which sets out the formula and equations reducing the need for students to memorise and recall this information.
  4. CCEA confirmed in November 2021 that in making awards for the 2021/2022 academic year, we will be mindful of the effects of the pandemic on students and will seek to ensure that students are treated fairly. The judgement of examiners has always played a significant part in the awarding process and will continue to do so. This is even more important given the unique context of the pandemic and the need to recognise the impact of disruption on student performance under these circumstances.

    Ofqual has announced that in 2022 exams boards will set grade boundaries using a midway point between pre pandemic (or 2019) outcomes and 2021 outcomes. Qualifications Wales has announced its intention to follow the same approach. CCEA will take the approaches adopted by the other regulators into account; and shares their wish to ensure that outcomes in 2022 are higher than those of pre pandemic years, given the significant challenges faced by students.

    In addition, as a measure of further assurance that students are not disadvantaged, CCEA will ensure that examiner judgement is at the centre of the awarding process and takes account of the significant disruption that young people have encountered. Through this approach, student interests will be protected and comparability across qualifications will be maintained.
  5. Enhanced contingency options for students who miss an examination due to illness or self-isolation, have also been agreed with the Department of Education. This includes a reduction in the amount of assessment that must be completed to be eligible for a missed component calculation, and provision of an additional examination series at the end of June.
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