Launch of New Educational Resource - Northern Ireland @ 100

Published: 24/05/2021, 5:00pm
NI 100 Resource launch
Left to Right: Education Minister, Peter Weir, MLA; Roisin Radcliffe, Programme Manager, Curriculum and Assessment, CCEA; Margaret Farragher, Interim CCEA Chief Executive.

Today, Monday 24 May 2021, the Education Minister, Peter Weir, MLA, alongside the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) launched a suite of online educational resources, Northern Ireland @ 100, providing teaching support surrounding the period leading up to Partition and the creation of Northern Ireland in 1921.

The project was funded by the Department of Education and aims to educate, inform, and promote a greater understanding of Northern Ireland’s shared history, whilst analysing all the contributory factors and outcomes.

The online resource has been developed to be suitable for both primary and post-primary audiences.

Speaking at the Belfast City Hall Peter Weir said:

I am pleased to launch CCEA’s excellent suite of Shared History Curriculum Resources today. CCEA has developed a range of teaching resources which I hope will be of great use to both teachers and pupils.

It is a privilege to mark Northern Ireland’s centenary, and these resources will have a significant positive impact in promoting good relations; inclusiveness; and reconciliation across Northern Ireland.

Margaret Farragher, CCEA Interim Chief Executive, commented:

Northern Ireland @ 100 is likely to attract wide public, educational and cultural interest; balanced and broad by design, the site provides an excellent repository of information for schools across Northern Ireland and is designed to serve shared education and build deeper mutual understanding of our shared history.

The primary element of this resource celebrates some of Northern Ireland’s major contributions to the global stage since 1921, and the post-primary element encourages learners to consider and contrast the politics of the 1920s with the current political trends and structures one hundred years on.

The Northern Ireland @ 100 resource is available here:

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