Education Minister Makes Announcement on Summer 2022 Assessment

Published: 17/05/2021, 3:30pm

Today, Monday 17 May 2021, the Education Minister, Peter Weir MLA, made a statement to the Northern Assembly, regarding awarding and assessment arrangements for Summer 2022.

Due to the disruption faced by COVID-19, the Education Minister announced that “significantly fewer examinations” would be sat in 2022 and there would be “significant reductions in assessment” across CCEA’s suite of GCSE, AS and A Level qualifications.

Further key points highlighted by the Education Minister included:

  • One assessment will be omitted from the vast majority of GCSE, AS and A Level qualifications in 2022.
  • Students’ overall grade will be determined by their performance in the unit or units they sit. 
  • A student who wishes to take all examinations can do so.  There is no obligation to do so. Any student who sits all units will be awarded the higher grade from either all units or the mandatory units only. 
  • Unit omissions will also be applied across CCEA Entry Level, Occupational Studies and Vocationally Related qualifications.

Regarding the contribution of 2021 AS grades to 2022 A2 grades, the Education Minister confirmed that CCEA A Level awards in 2022 will be made based on students’ performance in their A2 examinations only.

Speaking to the assembly, the Education Minister said:

Last year, many young people and parents wanted the AS grade to contribute towards the A level grade. Talking to young people and parents this year, many felt that due to the greater level of disruption they experienced during their AS course, they would prefer their A Level grades to be based on their A2 results only.  It is simply not possible to add an AS grade to A2 marks in a way that is fair or equitable for young people.

In early June 2021, CCEA will publish details of the omissions permitted in each qualification. Engagement between CCEA, the Department of Education and other key stakeholders, will continue throughout the implementation of the Education Minister’s instructions. This includes further contingency planning for Summer 2022, remaining vigilant of the public health situation.

A copy of the Education Minister’s full statement to the NI Assembly can be located here.

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