Review of CCEA’s Home Learning resource (renamed Supporting the Curriculum and Assessment in 20/21)

Published: 05/11/2020, 3:00pm
Supporting Learning

As one of the key contributors to the Department of Education initiative called the ‘Supporting Learning’ project, CCEA is carrying out a review in the form of a survey.

Focusing on Primary and Irish Medium Primary learning, the purpose of this survey is to enable CCEA to continue to monitor the support we provide to implement and promote the flexibility of the NI Curriculum for this specific group of learners. For example, introducing Primary teachers to learning activities aligned with the Curriculum, that also relate to pupil’s experiences of the current global pandemic.

Earlier this year, as schools closed for most pupils, CCEA and key stakeholders worked in collaboration to support the Department of Education with an initiative called the ‘Supporting Learning’ project. The overall aim of the project was to provide parents and teachers with curriculum support to ensure children could continue to learn at home.

Throughout August and September, as schools across Northern Ireland reopened for all pupils full time, CCEA continued to contribute to the ‘Supporting Learning’ project by promoting a range of resources dedicated to supporting SEN and Primary learning throughout September and October.

As the Home Learning resource was originally set up to provide support in an unprecedented situation, we would like to review how aware you were of it and how useful it was at that particular stage to enable us to make improvements to our resources and further support remote learning. We are particularly keen to measure the effectiveness of the Home Learning resource (renamed Supporting the Curriculum and Assessment in 20/21) in relation to Primary and Irish Medium Primary learners and consider future resource provision for those children identified as most negatively impacted by the loss of direct contact time.

This important review will close at 17:00 on Wednesday 18 November 2020.

Please visit the Supporting the Curriculum and Assessment in 2020/21 resource for more information.

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