Grounds for appeal to CCEA

Published: 20/08/2020, 4:30pm

Today CCEA, has published the grounds for appeal for AS level, A level, and GCSEs, following the announcement by the Education Minister earlier this week.

On 17 August, Education Minister Peter Weir announced that:

  • GCSE students’ grades should now be based only on the centre assessment grades provided by their schools and colleges.
  • GCE AS and A2 students should now be awarded either the standardised grade issued on 13 August or their centre assessment grade – whichever is higher.

In light of this decision, CCEA’s appeals process will accept applications received onto CCEA’s Post Results Services System after 16:00 on Monday 17 August on one or more of the following grounds:

  • CCEA used the wrong data to calculate your grade.
  • CCEA allocated the wrong grade through an administrative error.
  • CCEA communicated the wrong grade.
  • CCEA did not apply procedures consistently or procedures were not followed properly and fairly.

We will also address a situation where a school or college’s internal complaints process concludes that a student's school or college assessment outcome was affected by discrimination or bias, which will be considered by CCEA as potential malpractice.

An appeal will not be accepted where the centre seeks to revise the centre assessment grade on the basis that its professional judgement when deciding its grades was wrong, unless new evidence to support this can be provided by the school at individual candidate level.

If any student has a query about their results they should contact their school or college directly, who can submit an appeal on their behalf, if the grounds for appeal are met.

Media Enquiries

Media enquiries to CCEA MarComms. You can contact Ruth Hobson or Joanne Schofield.