CCEA announces free appeals process for students

Published: 10/08/2020, 4:15pm
Summer 2020 Examinations
Summer 2020 Examinations

CCEA has confirmed today that any pupil wishing to appeal summer 2020 GCSE, AS or A Level examination results will be able to do so free of charge.

In previous years pupils paid a small amount to have examination papers remarked however given the cancellation of this summer’s examination series, a decision has been taken to waive this fee.

Grades, which will be issued to AS and A Level pupils on Thursday 13 August and GCSE pupils on Thursday 20 August, have been calculated using a combination of teacher estimated grades and statistical data. With no examination scripts to mark it was not possible to adopt the traditional appeals process which involves a review of the marking process.

As part of the alternative awarding arrangements put in place by the Education Minister, Peter Weir MLA, CCEA was instructed to develop a robust and appropriate appeals service which was largely informed by a public consultation process.

CCEA Chief Executive, Mr. Justin Edwards, explains that the appeals process is an important element of this year’s awarding arrangements.

“We understand that not every pupil will be content with the grades they receive and therefore may wish to engage with our appeals process. In order to make this process fair and accessible, we have taken the decision to waive any fees associated with appeals and offer this service free of charge to all students.

“The appeals process has been designed to moderate the grading process and detect and rectify any errors which may have occurred. Our primary aim this summer is to award students with grades which fairly reflect their work so where there is evidence that a mistake has been made during the standardisation process, this grade can be amended.

“Any student who has questions about their results should contact their school, college or centre who will assess the situation and decide if an appeal is appropriate.”

For more information about the appeals process, download our at a glance student’s guide here:

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