5 Benefits of Becoming an Examiner or Moderator for CCEA

Published: 19/12/2019, 11:02am

Becoming an examiner/moderator with CCEA is an opportunity for further professional development whilst boosting your income. Currently there are opportunities to join CCEA as an examiner or moderator at both GCSE and GCE level.

Benefits of examining and moderating with CCEA

1. An opportunity to network with other professionals who work within your subject area

When training to become an examiner or moderator, you will work alongside other professionals within your field of expertise who teach the same subject as you. All teachers will be provided with subject specialist professional development at no cost to their centre. Teachers will gain a better understanding of how the specifications that they teach are assessed. Substitute teacher costs will also be covered through the Teacher Release Scheme.

2. Increase your income as a teacher

CCEA offers competitive rates of pay, allowing you to boost your income. Generally, there are three weeks given to the marking period, ensuring that you still have enough time to enjoy your time off and additional income.

The Teacher Release scheme allows schools to claim refunds from CCEA for any supply teachers required.

3. Benefits to your students/school from having a teacher who is an examiner

The benefits to schools and candidates of having members of staff involved in examining are well known:   

  • It is one of the most accessible and practical ways for teachers to develop their assessment expertise. 
  • Your teachers will engage with the specifications on a different level.
  • Schools benefit from the acquisition of expertise that can have a positive impact on teaching, learning and assessment within the school.
  • Having this expertise in schools across a variety of subjects can impact positively upon pupils and schools performance.
  • Teachers receive valuable CPD, working as part of the examining team as well as deepening their knowledge of their subject area.  
  • These benefits are at little or no additional cost to the schools as sub-cover is paid for through the Teacher Release Scheme. 

4. Developing as a Teacher

If you are trying to improve your CV, recent examiner/moderator experience highlights your commitment to learning new skills. By working with CCEA, you can add a prestigious exam board to your experience to date. As mentioned, networking with other examiners will open the door to learning new techniques and becoming a better teacher.

When looking out for new posts, diversifying your skill set could be the determining factor in gaining a new role or promotion.

5. Beyond the classroom

The roles offered can support your development beyond the classroom. Adding your examiner experience to your CV is excellent for your personal and professional development and can open more income avenues. Ahead of exam season, you could use the expertise to acquire tutor work or teach in pre-exam courses offered by schools and colleges.

For those who are no longer teaching permanently, becoming an examiner is a great way to stay in touch with the education sector. Retired teachers and those on a sabbatical from their school find the short-term nature of the work suits their schedule.


Roles are available at CCEA now

If you think becoming an examiner or moderator would benefit your career, you can apply now for roles in summer 2020. CCEA require that you have one year of teaching experience in your chosen subject and a degree in your subject area. Additional training is provided and consists of a one-day standardisation meeting, as mentioned, this will come at no cost to your school. See what positions are available.

If you have additional questions about what is involved, visit our GCSE & GCE FAQs and/or Vocational and Statutory Assessment FAQs or to apply, visit the Become an Examiner or Moderator page here.

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