Active Citizenship – new educational resources bid to tackle paramilitarism

Published: 10/04/2019, 10:37am
Active Citizenship Launch
Debra Whyte (Department of Justice), Teresa Robb (CCEA) and Laura McCurdy (Cinemagic)

Today CCEA, in collaboration with the Department of Justice and Cinemagic, launched new Active Citizenship resources

The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA), in collaboration with the Department of Justice and Cinemagic, has launched new Active Citizenship resources.

Linking directly to the Local and Global Citizenship component of the NI Curriculum, the resources examine topics such as democracy and lawfulness; the impact of organised crime and paramilitaries; and how students can make a positive contribution to their community and society.

Speaking at the event, Justin Edwards, CCEA CEO commented:

"CCEA has produced these resources in order to support teachers in the delivery of citizenship in schools and to promote the important role that lawfulness has to play in our communities and the wider society."

The launch event previewed a short film – “A Stone’s Throw”, a short film produced by Cinemagic, highlights the risks and consequences of anti-social behaviour.

Laura McCurdy, Project Executive, Cinemagic said:

We are very proud of all of the young people involved in the project and their dedication and enthusiasm has shone through from the beginning. With support from CCEA, Cinemagic has been able to provide an invaluable creative experience and one which is results focused and will have longevity with the development of the educational resources to benefit school children and teachers across Northern Ireland”.

About this resource

CCEA was successfully awarded funding from The Department of Justice, Tackling Paramilitarism Programme Board to develop resources around Active Citizenship, as a way of Tackling Paramiliaritism and promoting Lawfulness in Northern Ireland mainstream, grant funded Post-Primary schools.

Local and Global Citizenship (LGC) is a key component of the Northern Ireland Curriculum and the basis for promoting Active Citizenship in schools. LGC already provides a statutory framework for teaching pupils about lawfulness and issues such as paramilitarism and organised crime. CCEA has developed a series of animations and lesson plans to provide teachers with practical classroom teaching and learning strategies to discuss:

  • ways pupils can make a positive contribution to their communities/wider society;
  • democracy and lawfulness (including the rule of law, role of the PSNI and justice system); and
  • the impact of organised crime and paramilitaries on individuals, communities and wider society.

The resources are FREE to all via:

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