Online portal gives NI teachers tool to support teaching and learning

Published: 15/02/2018, 1:03pm
This week, the Council for The Curriculum Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) launched ‘CCEA Analytics’, an innovative examinations online portal

From left to right: Helen Nicholson, Application Developer, CCEA; Laura O'Neill, Operations Modernisation Manager, CCEA; Peter Russell, Sales and Marketing Director, Neueda; Justin Edwards, CEO, CCEA

This week, the Council for The Curriculum Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) launched 'CCEA Analytics', an innovative examinations online portal. This tool provides schools with the ability to carry out an analysis of their GCSE, AS and A Level results.

CCEA Analytics, developed with technical assistance from Belfast based company Neueda, equips teachers with 3 years data to benchmark the performance of their school, specific subject area, group and individual exam questions.

Speaking at the launch, Justin Edwards, CCEA’s Chief Executive commented:

"CCEA is delighted to be introducing this online tool for Northern Ireland schools. CCEA Analytics has been designed to provide simple but thorough insights into schools' examination results and support teaching and learning. The tool will help schools understand how they can better support learners at GCSE and GCE/A Level."

Teachers using CCEA Analytics will be able to determine strengths and areas for improvement in students' learning.

Peter Russell, Sales and Marketing Director, Neueda, added:

"Neueda is proud to have worked with CCEA and Microsoft to develop CCEA Analytics, a powerful digital tool that has the potential to deliver real benefit to the Northern Ireland education sector. By giving users access to drill into granular data, they can analyse up to three years' worth of exam results, allowing them to identify trends and areas for improvement. Research proves that data driven decision making leads to more strategic and ultimately more effective planning."

Teachers wishing to register for CCEA Analytics can register with their school’s Examination Officer, who will provide a username, password and link to the system.

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