CCEA Regulation responds to Ofqual’s review of exam setting processes.

Published: 12/09/2017, 11:30am
A CCEA Regulation spokesperson commented:

A CCEA Regulation spokesperson commented:

“Involvement of serving teachers in the process of exam setting has been long established and is recognised to have many benefits.  In Northern Ireland, malpractice by teachers is exceptionally rare.

However, following Ofqual’s announcement of its intention to review the process of exam setting, CCEA regulation will be conducting a parallel review of the procedures under which serving teachers take part in question setting and examining. CCEA will scrutinise whether the safeguards in place for Northern Ireland are sufficiently robust and whether changes or enhancements would be beneficial.”

Note to editors

  • CCEA has responsibility for the regulation of qualifications taken by learners in N. Ireland, as set out in the Education (Northern Ireland) Order 1998.
  • Additionally CCEA is required to ensure that the standards of general and skills examinations available in N. Ireland are equivalent and comparable to examinations conducted by bodies or authorities exercising similar functions elsewhere in the UK.
  • Ofqual announced a review of the exam setting process on 31 August 2017 -
  • All GCSE and A level awarding organisations that operate in Northern Ireland are members of the Joint Council of Qualifications.
  • All JCQ members have stringent measures in place to prevent and to detect malpractice
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