Woven in Ulster: Ulster-Scots and the Story of Linen

Woven in Ulster: Ulster-Scots and the Story of Linen

Lesson 3: Ulster’s Loss, the World’s Gain?

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This lesson covers the decline of the Ulster linen industry and the implications of this for individuals and communities. It provides pupils with an opportunity to consider ethical issues, such as the use of child labour, in the global garment industry. Pupils will become material spies by researching their home wardrobe content and will become familiar with the Barbour Mill song, written by Noel McMaster and performed by Bakerloo Junction. Pupils will learn the song and write additional verses for it.

Keywords and Phrases

decline ethical issues consumer choices Fair Trade emotions

Learning Intentions

Pupils will:

  • understand that cheaper and man-made materials replaced linen, contributing to the decline of the industry;
  • listen to and explore the lyrics of a song about the demise of a mill; and
  • understand the complexity of the child labour issue in the global garment industry and become aware of factors that may affect their choices as consumers.

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