Woven in Ulster: Ulster-Scots and the Story of Linen

Woven in Ulster: Ulster-Scots and the Story of Linen

Lesson 1: Pure White Linen

This lesson focuses on the bleaching process. It provides pupils with an opportunity to play a memory game to recall the processes used in linen-making. It also gives them the chance to consider the chemical effects and purposes of bleaching through viewing a short film about the process.

Lesson Plan

Keywords and Phrases

bleach green dyed chemicals sunlight pure white

Learning Intentions

Pupils will:

  • be able to recall the processes used in linen-making;
  • understand the effect of bleaching cloth;
  • know how bleaching processes have changed over time; and
  • understand that there is a demand for colourful and pure white fabrics in textile production.


Remind pupils that they have seen the cloth being dyed in bright colours. Ask them what they think are the advantages and disadvantages of a pure white material. Expect – ‘looks clean and fresh but gets dirtied easily’; or ‘all white just looks too plain’. Can the pupils suggest what else might be done to give added colour and decoration? Expect – 'coloured buttons, brooches, tassels and fringes'.

Links to Curriculum

Personal Development & Mutual Understanding

Strand 1 (Personal Understanding and Health)

  • Keeping safe by understanding the dangers of chemical products such as bleach and the need for precautions to protect skin and lungs when using it.

Strand 2 (Mutual Understanding and the Community)

  • Developing an understanding of the different preferences of consumers with regard to colour of textiles and how these preferences affect what is produced.
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