Woven in Ulster: Ulster-Scots and the Story of Linen

Woven in Ulster: Ulster-Scots and the Story of Linen

Lesson 1: Let's Meet the Mill Workers!

This lesson looks at some jobs which we no longer do, as well as some of the jobs that the mill workers did in the production of linen. Pupils will have an opportunity to identify the health and safety issues of working in the mill, ask the mill owner William Ewart questions and write a persuasive letter to him to suggest how the working conditions could be improved.

Lesson Plan

Keywords and Phrases

life expectancy Linenopolis industrialisation rural urban

Learning Intentions

Pupils will:

  • understand some jobs carried out by people in the mills;
  • identify the poor working conditions and health and safety risks for some of the mill workers; and
  • suggest how working conditions could be improved in the mills.


Pupils should have an opportunity to vote for their top three pressing health and safety issues and justify why they chose those issues.

Links to Curriculum

Personal Development & Mutual Understanding

Strand 1 (Personal Understanding and Health)

  • Health, Growth and Change and Keeping Safe (Pupils have an opportunity to explore health and safety in the mills in the past.)

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