Woven in Ulster: Ulster-Scots and the Story of Linen

Woven in Ulster: Ulster-Scots and the Story of Linen

Lesson 4: Health and Safety at Work

In this lesson pupils will become familiar with the hazards involved in growing, harvesting and processing flax. They will have an opportunity to create a health and safety leaflet for flax workers which may be carried out digitally.

Lesson Plan

Keywords and Phrases

dangerous lint-dam pouce injuries protective clothing

Learning Intentions

Pupils will:

  • understand the hazards involved in the production of linen in the past;
  • be aware of dangers in some occupations today and understand that employers and employees have responsibilities for maintaining a safe working environment; and
  • be able to present information on health and safety issues at work in leaflet format.


Invite pupils to come together as a whole class to discuss and share their work. They should vote using the 'thumbs up method' about their understanding of the learning intentions.

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