World Religions other than Christianity

World Religions other than Christianity

Why do world religions have festivals?

Overall Learning Intentions

In this unit pupils are learning to define the term festival; to identify the key festivals celebrated in a world religion; to explain how key festivals are celebrated in a world religion and to appreciate why these festivals are important.

Links with Key Elements

Cultural Understanding - exploring how religious practices have influenced the development of various cultural traditions.
Mutual Understanding - developing a range of skills to promote sensitivity and empathy when discussion religious issues.

Skills and Capabilities

Cross Curricular Skills:

  • Communication

  • Find, select and use information from a range of sources;
  • Develop, express and present ideas in a variety of forms and formats, using traditional and digital resources, for different audiences and purposes.

  • Using ICT (if appropriate)

  • Create, develop, present and publish ideas and information using a range of digital media;

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities: Self-Management

  • set personal targets and review them;
  • organise and plan how to go about a task;
  • review learning and some aspect that might be improved.

Learning Outcomes

  • research and manage information effectively to investigate religious, moral and ethical issues;
  • demonstrate self-management by working systematically, persisting with tasks, evaluating and improving own performance;
  • communicate effectively in oral, visual, written and ICT formats showing clear awareness of audience and purpose.