World Religions other than Christianity

World Religions other than Christianity

Why do world religions celebrate rites of passage?

Overall Learning Intentions

In this unit pupils are learning to define the key stages in life, understand how a world religion marks these occasions and assess why rites of passage are important in world religions.

Links with Key Elements

Cultural Understanding - exploring religious practices of people of world religions. Spiritual Awareness - exploring and responding to the key questions that arise through discussions on the purpose of life.

Skills and Capabilities

Cross Curricular Skills:

  • Communication
  • Listen to and take part in discussions, explanations, role plays and presentations.
  • Develop, express and present ideas in a variety of forms and formats, using traditional and digital resources, for different audiences and purposes.

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities: Focus - Working with Others

  • Listen actively and share opinions;
  • Develop routines of turn-taking, sharing and cooperation;
  • Take personal responsibility for work with others and evaluate their own contribution to the group;
  • Respect the views and opinions of others and reach agreement using negotiation and compromise.

Learning Outcomes

  • work effectively with others;
  • show deeper understanding by thinking critically and flexibly, solving problems and making informed decisions, demonstrating Using Mathematics and Using ICT where appropriate;
  • communicate effectively in oral, visual, written and ICT formats, showing clear awareness of audience and purpose.