World Religions other than Christianity

World Religions other than Christianity

What is family life like?

Overall Learning Intentions

In this unit pupils are learning to appreciate the different roles and responsibilities within a family (including extended family if relevant), to understand how belief impacts on daily routine within the home and to examine and explain why there are food laws and dress codes within world religions.

Links with Key Elements

Cultural Understanding - exploring lifestyles in a world religion other than Christianity.
Personal Health - exploring the role of religion in regard to health issues.

Skills and Capabilities

Cross Curricular Skills:

  • Communication
  • contribute comments, ask questions and respond to others’ points of view;
  • read arrange of texts for information, ideas and enjoyment;
  • develop, express and present ideas in a variety of forms and formats.
  • Using ICT
  • create, develop, present and publish ideas and information using a range of digital media.

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities: Focus - Managing Information

  • plan and set goals and break a task into sub-tasks;
  • select, classify, compare and evaluate information;
  • communicate with a sense of audience and purpose.

Learning Outcomes

  • research and manage information effectively to investigate religious, moral and ethical issues using ICT where appropriate;
  • show deeper understanding by thinking critically and flexibly, solving problems and making informed decisions, demonstrating Using Mathematics and using ICT where appropriate;
  • communicate effectively in oral, visual, written and ICT formats, showing clear awareness of audience and purpose.