World Religions other than Christianity

World Religions other than Christianity

What is Belief?

Overall Learning Intentions

In this unit pupils are learning to define ‘belief’, explore where beliefs come from, examine the beliefs of God/gods/none within a world religion, investigate how beliefs influence people’s lifestyle and appreciate the belief in afterlife within world religions.

Links with Key Elements

Personal Understanding – exploring issues of personal identity (belief)
Spiritual Awareness – exploring and responding to the key questions that arise through discussions on the purpose of life.

Skills and Capabilities

Cross Curricular Skills:

  • Communication
  • Contribute comments, ask questions and respond to others' points of view.

  • Using ICT
  • Create, develop, present and publish ideas and information using a range of digital media.

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities: Focus - Managing Information

  • Ask focused questions;
  • Select, classify, compare and evaluate information.

    Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision Making;

Learning Outcomes

  • Research and manage information effectively to investigate religious, moral and ethical issues, using ICT where appropriate;
  • Communicate effectively in oral, visual, written and ICT formats showing clear awareness of audience, purpose and attention to accuracy.