World Religions other than Christianity

World Religions other than Christianity


Communities of Faith in Ireland Today – Logos

This resource supports the teaching of the Junior Certificate in Religious Education in the Republic of Ireland.  The focus is on four world religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism) that are represented in Ireland today.  Each religion has information on the beginnings, beliefs, worship and present day. The information is easily accessed with printable information pages and links to video or sound clips. There are also quizzes centred around the information pages.  The resource may be useful as an introduction to a specific religion or for research for pupils on a particular topic.


Exploring World Religions (available on C2K network) – Granada Learning

This resource looks at six world religions and provides information about places, holy writing, special day, people and beliefs.  The information is given verbally and in written format.  There is a facility within the tool box for pupils to make notes and to print them out.  The information would be useful for pupils research and initial introduction into a world religion.  There is a quiz facility where teams can be set up although the questions asked are often repeated regularly.