Using Mathematics across the Curriculum

Using Mathematics across the Curriculum

Applying Mathematical Concepts to Real-World Examples

One of the main challenges when developing Cross-Curricular Skills is how to apply subject area learning to a different context in another subject. The ability to transfer skills is a key component of the Northern Ireland Curriculum when preparing young people for life and work.

These units of work for Key Stage 3 have been written in collaboration with classroom teachers. They show teachers how to present the Cross-Curricular Skill of Using Mathematics in the classroom. Using these resources, teachers can introduce pupils to key mathematical concepts, and then show them how to reinforce and apply this learning to other subjects across the wider curriculum.

Each unit consists of a series of lessons supporting the teaching, learning and assessment of a specific topic.

Mathematics Unit

The lessons in the Mathematics unit focus on learning fundamental mathematical concepts. They also give pupils opportunities to apply these concepts in a relevant scenario.

Other Subject Units

The lessons produced for other subjects demonstrate how pupils can use the knowledge and understanding they have gained in the Mathematics unit. Pupils develop their mathematical skills in the new subject by working collaboratively, gaining a better understanding of the mathematics involved.

Mathematics and Geography Unit of Work

Mathematics Unit – Constructing and Interpreting Bar Charts and Line Graphs

In these lessons, pupils learn how to construct and interpret bar charts and line graphs. They also work with different kinds of graphs. They study information related to Handling Data and practise using this information in real-life contexts using the worksheets provided.

Mathematics and Home Economics Unit of Work

Mathematics Unit – Money Management

This unit focuses on aspects of financial capability, such as budgeting and how to get the best value for money.

Pupils gain experience in considering needs and wants. They have opportunities to create a budget, estimate spending and consider the best value for money when shopping.

Areas of Learning

Mathematics and Numeracy
Home Economics

Skills and Capabilities

Cross-Curricular Skills
Using Mathematics