Using ICT Teaching and Learning Units

Using ICT Teaching and Learning Units

CCEA has created the following teaching and learning units in response to teacher requests for guidance on how to approach the teaching of each type of ICT (as set out in the Desirable Features).

Each resource has a separate section for each key stage:

  • Foundation Stage - Exploring;
  • Key Stage 1 – Exploring with Purpose; and
  • Key Stage 2 – Exploring with Purpose and Control.

If pupils have not had any prior experience, teachers may find it useful to look at the activities in the earlier key stages.

Each key stage section is set out in Steps so to guide teachers through the structure recommended as best practice when teaching the type of ICT.

The resources have been written to take account of curriculum content in other Areas of Learning as well as ICT, so that teachers can plan across the curriculum.

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Computational Thinking and Coding

Digital Storytelling: Publishing

Digital Storytelling: Film & Animation

Digital Storytelling: Presenting

Areas of Learning

The Arts: Art and Design
The Arts: Music

Skills and Capabilities

Cross-Curricular Skills
Using ICT