Using ICT Desirable Features for Key Stages 1 and 2

Using ICT Desirable Features

The Desirable Features are guidance statements for these types of classroom ICT.

  • Computational Thinking and Coding (Interactive Design)
  • Digital Art and Design (Working with Images)
  • Digital Audio (Music and Sound)
  • Digital Storytelling: Film and Animation (Film and Animation)
  • Digital Storytelling: Presenting (Presenting)
  • Digital Storytelling: Publishing (Desktop Publishing)
  • Managing Data

We updated the Desirable Features in 2019. The previous names are in brackets.

The Desirable Features guidance statements describe what the standards for different types of ICT look like in practice. They align with the Levels of Progression and give a context for classroom work. When teachers are assigning a level to a pupil’s piece of work, they can use the statements to see what is desirable in that ICT activity at each level.

Teachers will need to choose more than one type of ICT activity to cover the curriculum requirements for Using ICT.

They are not designed to be a checklist so that teachers have to cover every point in a specific activity. Instead, they can guide teachers when covering different types of ICT.

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