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Twarthy Poems Across Ulster is a new multimedia resource designed to promote literacy through the exploration of Ulster-Scots poetry. This online project, produced by Alleycats Films and presented by Ulster-Scots writer Darren Gibson, is available below. The project is supported by Northern Ireland Screen’s Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund.

The innovative Twarthy Poems website uses a combination of text, image, video, audio and online games to create a unique learning experience for students, whilst introducing them to the work of both contemporary and traditional Ulster-Scots poets.

Through the use of different media elements, key stage 3 students are given a unique insight into the poems of Fiona McDonald, George Francis Savage Armstrong, Sarah Leech and James Orr, allowing those unfamiliar with Ulster-Scots an opportunity to tune into the sounds and rhythms of the language, as well as the words and stories.

This exciting digital experience provides an engaging and accessible pathway into a deeper understanding of Ulster-Scots literature, while providing the tools necessary to support a number of learning pathways within the curriculum.

“Twarthy Poems Across Ulster is a ground-breaking, multimedia resource that not only promotes a deeper understanding of Ulster-Scots poetry; it allows the viewer to interact with the language, creating a real connection to experiences of the featured poets”, said writer, presenter and producer Darren Gibson. “This innovative resource is a significant leap forward in how we explore our shared literary past and present.”

Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund Executive Heidi McAlpin added, “Twarthy Poems Across Ulster has opened up the history and language of old and new poetry, providing readers with everything they need to immerse themselves in this rich resource and fully appreciate each written piece.”

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This educational project is funded by Northern Ireland Screens Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund.

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