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True Colours

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Every year CCEA’s True Colours exhibition celebrates artwork produced within schools and colleges across NI. The exhibition has been in existence, in various forms, since the 1950s and is embraced by schools as an opportunity to showcase impressive art and design pieces from their talented pupils which have been produced for CCEA’s summer series of GCE A2, AS and GCSE level examinations. The event has become the focal point for schools and further education colleges across NI to display a broad range of artwork from their students.

Virtual Exhibition

CCEA are delighted to present to you a selection of the best work from GCSE and A Level Art and Design students from summer 2022. This virtual art and design exhibition allows people around the world to tour and interact with displays by Northern Ireland’s Entry Level, GCSE, AS and A level students.

The online exhibition modelled on one of the Ulster Museum’s prestigious galleries showcases work from Art & Design students in a fully virtual setting. In total, it displays work from 49 pupils from 24 schools, highlighting a variety of mediums such as fine art paintings, sculpture and multimedia. This also includes the 24 pieces of work that were displayed at the recent Ulster Museum exhibition.

CCEA will continue to use technology to further showcase the wealth of talent we have in Northern Ireland schools. We hope that this mix of live and virtual exhibitions will continue and become bigger and better in the coming years.

We would also like to applaud all our Art teachers and students for their resilience and undeterred commitment to creativity throughout what continues to be a challenging period. Congratulations to you all.

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