Think Pack - Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

Think Pack - Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

Talking about Thinking

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Talking about Thinking is an accessible, pupil-friendly version of the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities framework.

There are three sets of Talking about Thinking posters. Set 1 aligns with the Key Stage 1 part of the framework. Set 2 aligns with the Key Stage 2 part. The Symbol Set is designed to suit pupils in SEN settings who are familiar with ‘Picture Board’.

This resource contains statements, separated into the five Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities, that encourage pupils to:

  • think more skilfully;
  • become knowledgeable about themselves as learners; and
  • become more aware of their learning and how it can be improved.
  • The resource can also help you and your pupils develop a shared vocabulary to use when talking about thinking.

Through effective use of the statements in Talking about Thinking, you can:

  • make thinking explicit;
  • enable collaborative learning; and
  • promote independence.

Suggested uses of Talking about Thinking:

  • Use the statements with pupils to agree on learning intentions and success criteria.
  • Select statements that help to clarify the particular demands of a task.
  • Use the statements to help pupils recognise thinking skills and learning strategies required for a task.
  • Use the resource to provide a common vocabulary for you and your pupils to use when evaluating their thinking, reflecting on learning strategies and suggesting improvements.
  • Use the statements as a prompt to help pupils think about other contexts where these skills and strategies are likely to be successful.
  • Use them as a reference point for reviewing learning with pupils when a task is complete.