Supporting Teacher Education and Professional Learning

Initial Teacher Education

CCEA support for those responsible for the professional learning and development of student teachers who are progressing towards ‘qualified to teach’ status.

The Northern Ireland Primary Curriculum: Understanding the Introduction

The introduction to the curriculum document contains critical information that informs how the rest of the curriculum should be understood and implemented. The following videos each illuminate a different aspect of this introduction and relate them to The Big Picture of the Curriculum at Primary.

Pupils in the curriculum

This video discusses the:

  • Key stages of the curriculum
  • Areas of Learning (AoLs) at primary
  • Equality of opportunity and access
  • Curriculum aim and objectives

Skills in the curriculum

This video discusses the:

  • Cross-Curricular Skills (CCS)
  • Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities (TSPC)

Teachers in the curriculum

This video discusses:

  • Approaches to learning and teaching
  • Planning for progression
  • Assessment for Learning