Supporting Teacher Education and Professional Learning

A Broad, Balanced and Connected Curriculum

In Brief

This video discusses:

  • A brief summary outlining the rationale for a broad, balanced and connected curriculum in Northern Ireland
  • Key considerations for implementing the Northern Ireland Curriculum in the classroom

The Rationale

This video discusses:

  • The rationale for a broad, balanced and connected curriculum
  • How the NIC enables schools to positively shape and influence children and young people’s learning and development
  • Ways in which the curriculum by design takes account of the complexity of learning
  • The importance of the curriculum that children and young people encounter

How Learning Happens

This video discusses:

  • Key drivers for effective learning to happen
  • Ways in which flexibility enables schools to tailor their curriculum to meet the needs and interests of learners
  • The significance of the infusion of skills across the curriculum in ways which are appropriate to the methodology of individual subjects
  • The importance that the curriculum places on rich, contextualised learning experiences

Progression through the Key Stages

This video discusses:

  • The importance of a playful approach to learning
  • Ways in which the curriculum explicitly promotes learner autonomy
  • The significance of supporting learners to make connections in learning and how the curriculum supports this to happen
  • The important role of key elements in the curriculum
  • Ways in which the aim and objectives of the curriculum can be realised